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Discussion > Will I lose my tenant if I issue a rent increase┬ánotification?

One of the most common reasons that landlords do not issue Rent Increase Notifications is that they fear they will lose good tenants. In all my years of handing out Notifications, I've never lost a tenant due to the increase (some have complained but never left :-)). At the same time, if it does become a point of contention, you as the landlord have to explain to them that your operating costs are continually subject to inflation. This includes, property taxes, hydro, water, gas, waste removal, etc... Unfortunately inflation is a part of our lives and unless you as the landlord are issuing Rent Increase Notifications, you alone are absorbing the ever increasing operating costs which eat into your cash flow and thereby reduces the market value of your property.

October 16, 2012 | Registered CommenterPaul Kondakos