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RealtyHub is a place for Investors to communicate, network, share intelligence and insight and help one another to either become new or become better multi-unit real estate investors. 

RealtyHub was founded by Paul  Kondakos, BA, LL.B, MBA, who has over 15 years of experience in locating, financing and managing multi-unit residential apartment buildings within Canada.  

The key to success has been understanding market fundamentals and having developed a proprietary system for locating, analysing and securing great investment properties has consistently created significant cash flow and triple digit ROI (return on investment).

Using joint venture partnerships to purchase investment properties has allowed individuals with no real estate experience to participate in real estate wealth creation.

Sample Success Story....A recent joint venture transaction of a 24 unit apartment building in Kitchener, Ontario recieved an unsolicited offer representing a net profit of $800,000 over and above the original purchase price within 6 months of the purchase. Ultimately the deal fell apart but established the market value of the property.

The most recent acquisition is a 12 plex property in one of Ontario's fastest growing cities.  The property has a market cap of over 6.5% and an incredibly low CMHC insured mortgage rate of 2.54% (5 year mortgage) showing significant cash flow and ROI from day 1.

Investors that are looking to create wealth in real estate using a fully managed real estate investment solution can contact me for more details.