$145,000 Raised for Sick Kids Hospital
Friday, January 2, 2015 at 6:09PM
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I am extremely proud to announce that the Koutroubis Charitable Foundation has raised $145,000 to date for one of my favorite charties ... Sick Kids Hospital.  

How does this tie into real estate you're asking?

The answer is two-fold:

1. George Koutroubis was my real estate partner.  He passed away at a mere 36 years of age.  In 2009, a charitable foundation was established in his name.

2. Real estate has not only been very good from a monetary perspective, more importantly, it has been very good from a lifestyle perspective.  Real estate offers the flexibility to dedicate your time to worthy charities that help your community. 

*As a side note, the majority of the Board of Directors is involved in real estate.

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